Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hi, you can fin me at my new blog, http://www.wendyvansoest.com. I will no longer be updating FabulousStyleWS. You can fin all of my archived post on the new blog as well as new post. Hope to see you there!  

Monday, July 28, 2014

Outfit | All Striped Up

Hi gorgeous peeps! How are we feeling today? Am great, because I have another day off :). Plan for today is doing nothing well only cleaning my house and maybe a wardrobe check. I have really to much clothes I don't know where to keep it. And with my shopping addicted there will never come an end of it. The only solution is moving to a bigger house with a walk-in closet or throw some stuff (give) away. The first option will never happened so wardrobe check it is! 

Back to my shopping addict. I told you yesterday I went Friday to the Zara and I found this awesome striped pants on sale. From €40 to €15! I could not let this pants hang for that price and of course I wanted  immediately make a shoot of it.  The funnies part when I look at the shooting result I really didn't liked the pictures. I was doubting about the clothes, how I was standing and my face expression, haha. But now! I really think this is one of my best looks ever and I really liked how the pictures turn out. So thank you Virgit for this shoot! 

Well I hope you liked them as well!
Enjoy the pictures! 
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Outfit | Sneak Peek

 Hi Sweeties! How are we feeling today? I have a confession to make! Am a little bit out of inspiration since i've been back from Thailand. Maybe is lazy a better word, haha. I have lot of ideas, but am to busy with doing nothing or other things. Yesterday I posted nothing and today I wanted to do a inspiration post about platform sandals. But I wake up at 9am, normally I post around 7am. So weird because I have this only in the weekends. Well I hope It will stop soon, because I hate myself for being this lazy. 

Because of my laziness for now only a sneak peek of tomorrow post. Friday I went to Amsterdam to meet Virgit and Charlotte for a shooting day. We really had a blast always so nice with those girls. Charlotte wanted to buy a skirt at the Zara, of course I bought something as well. Yes, Zara addicted. I bought such a nice coat! Am really in love of it. It was a popular coat, because I saw that 5 other girls bought it as well. Of course you can expect soon an outfit post with it. The coat was not the only thing I bought :). I bought a really nice pants in sale what you can see in tomorrow post. Something with stripes, black and white :). 

So stayed tuned!! 
Happy Sunday! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Outfit | Walking Forwards

Happy Friday! Am so excited, because yesterday I finally bought my own domain name. Am going over to Wordpress so I try to figure out how every things works. Soon you will see a brand new site with a new lay-out and name! It's time for a change! Trying to walk (forwards) before you will stuck in the same old direction. 

Today I have a day of! Am going to Amsterdam to meet Virgit and Charlotte. Can't wait to see those girls :). We gonna do some outfit shoots and after that we going to a event at the Renaissance hotel. 

Well I hope you like this outfit! Enjoy the pictures! 
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Outfit | Summer Look

Good Morning! How are we feeling today? The last few days are really hot here in Holland. Am so happy with it, love this weather. Unfortunately because of working I can't enjoy it to the fullest. Tomorrow and monday I have a day of, yeaahhh. Finally I can enjoy it, well I hope. I saw already that the temperatures  are going down with a lot of rain :(. But I stay positive and hope that it's not true. Please , give me on my day off sun! Fingers crossed!

So today a (romantic) summer look on the blog. Perfect for those summer nights. In summer I don't wear often high heels, because it's really not practice. But when I wear high heels with a shorts I always feel sexy and feminime.  My legs look really long! hihi and am only 1,62m. So for a summer night I do wear heels. Only when I know I gonna sit at the terrace the whole day and I only have to walk to my train to go home :). 

I hope you like this outfit! Enjoy the pictures! 
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