Thursday, April 17, 2014

Outfit | Forever21

Good Morning! How is life? As you can see, I'm still stay in theme. After my inspiration post about mixing  prints & patterns (here) I got inspired. Well and this is the result! What do you think? I succeeded? 

Being a blogger have definitely privilege, because tonight I'm going to the Forver21 VIP event in Amsterdam for a sneak preview. I'm really excited! Finally we have that store in our country :). 
The opening is this Saturday and the first 500 visitors will receive a voucher to spend €21,- in the store. How nice is that? So are you going? 

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 See you sweeties! 
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Personal | InstaDiary

Goooooodd Morning! Everything okay sweeties? It's time for a personal update. That's means an overview  of pictures from the last two weeks. This time less hectic than normal, but of course I did a lot of fun stuff. 
I had a housewarming from a close friend of mine. He actually almost lives next to me, so that's is always good and very convenient if I need dugor or something like that :P.  It was a fun evening and my friend Manon went also to the housewarming. She lives in Amsterdam and because of my busy life at the moment It was hard to see her. So It was a spontaneous meeting. Love things like that. I believe you experience than the most fun having these unexpected moments. After the housewarming we went to the city for some drinks and dancing. The next morning we both a hang-over :). We went to Utrecht for a delicious lunch at Bar Madrid  and also did two shoots for my blog. Manon is always supporting me and doesnt mind mak√≠ng pictures. Thanks for that girl! 
The weather here in Netherlands is quite changeable, but we had really afew  lovely days. Really, sun does make  the world a better place. Everywhere around you, you see happy people. You want to explore things, going outside and do something. Well at last I do. Do you have the same feeling? 
To stay in the spring/summer vibes I went to the Summer fashion Festival from C&A organized by Linden & Barbosa. It was a fun event with a fashion show, DIY corner, bits & bites and a Photo booth. Bloggers and a photo booth is always a good idea. Click here to read more about the event. 
At work It's a little bit hectic. Because there is a big reorganization. People  are getting fired, colleagues got other positions within the company. So you can imagined how hectic/strange it is at my work. I have good news I can stay! The only thing that changes for me is a different work location. I will spare you the details :)
Whatelse do you see more on the collage. My cat Phoebe!! Isn't she adorable :). My make-up essentials. I don't leave my home with any make-up on. I'm hooked on the brand YSL and KIKO and of course my naked palette. I also made a post with my favorite apps to edit your photo's. Click here for the post. 
On Instagram I placed also the quote 'Do What You Love'. Tip for me! Only do the things what you want and where you believe in. Don't listen to others, take their advice but  only listen to your heart! 
Have a nice Wednesday! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Outfit | MAG Creative Footwear

Do you remember those MAG's shoes in the nineties? I do! Actually I was a big fan! I had five models in different colors. My favorite was the light blue sandals. When you haven't had MAG shoes in high school you definitely didn't fit in. Well MAG is back from the nineties with amazing new models. 
When I got asked by MAG Creative Footwear to review these shoes, I immediately said yes. I choose the MPS 4148G in Dark Blue, tough boots with a chunky sole. Oh boy they walk like heaven and it's reminds me of the good old days :). I love to wear these shoes with a tough look so I went for a ripped jeans with a plaid blouse. Even the location matches this look.  
I am a fan! And you?
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Outfit | Baby Blue

Monday! Not my favorite day at all, but there is nothing I could do about it. My bed is so comfy, but I will go to my work bravely. How was you weekend sweeties? Mine short because I had to work on Saturday. I know AGAIN. Workaholic much! After work I went straight home because I didn't feel so well. I slept from 18:00 till the next morning. So my Saterday was gone. Crazy I think, but I guess I needed it. Yesterday the plan was to stay in, but I got bored  and went to my best friend. Always fun with my bestie, love you chica (I know you will read this <3) So that was my weekend, nothing specials. 
Now about the outfit that I'm wearing in the pictures. Lately I have a weakness for the colours baby blue en sweet pink. When I saw this skirt It was no surprise that it's hanging in my closet now. An item that I could not resist. I combined it with my striped top, black heels and my boy bag look-a-like. This time I'm wearing my hair different. Actually my hair was a mess that day so a ponytail was born. On Instagram I got  good reactions on it. Should I do this more often? 

Enough boring talk, enjoy the pictures! 
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Inspiration | Mixing Prints & Patterns

Sunday Inspiration! let's stay in theme :). I already showed you an outfit post (here) with mixing prints, but I thought it would be also fun to make an inspiration post about it. I really love this trend, but it's hard to make the right combination and not anyone can pull this off. But I hope this inspiration will help. Oh and I'm curious of you could recognize me on on of those pictures. It's a picture from six years ago :).  
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